Use Signs and Banners to Increase Sales

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Will using signage & banners increase your sales? Signage and banners have been proven to help increase brand awareness, sales, and the recommendation of a business. A study commissioned by FedEx in 2012, performed by Ketchum Global Research, found the following:

  • 76% of consumers chose to enter a new store based only on its signage
  • These consumers also said they recommend a store they hadn’t been inside based purely on signage
  • 68% of consumers admitted purchasing items after seeing a sign
  • 68% of consumers also believed that a store’s sign is a direct indicator of the company’s products and services offered
  • 52% said they are less willing to shop at a store with a low quality sign
  • 60% said they won’t enter a business with no signage

This proves that quality signage and banners really do increase and affect sales, and very dramatically at that. So how can signs and banners help? Ensure that your signage is working hard for you by making sure it’s of high quality and design. You can use your signs and banners to increase sales in a variety of ways:

  • Branding – Promote what you company is about through imagery and branding.
  • Promotions – Show your customers special deals and discounts by drawing attention with signs and banners.
  • Gain attention – Get people through the door with great signage and banners on your store front. Especially if you’re in a high-traffic location, competitive area, or hidden-away. This will help pull in local traffic.
  • Advertising – Use your signs and banners to display your business advertising campaigns and solidify marketing.
  • Messages – Get the message across about grand openings, new products, or changes with high-quality signs and banners.

Good signage and banners are a valuable investment in your business for visibility, leads, and sales. Cut through the marketing noise with high quality vinyl banners from SK Displays. Contact us today for more information or for a free quote. Call 1300 886 221.

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