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Pop Up Counter Model 2

Model Number: SK-PUC 2

Package Includes:

Pop up counter model 2

  • 1 set of frame
  • 1 x fabric graphic
  • 1 x case

A wide pop-up counter has many advantages. It is great for displaying big items, for instance, or a bigger number of smaller items. You can also use it as a workspace at your booth. It is really a must that you have such a display table at your booth. But how-ever you choose to use your trade show counters, it is extremely important that you optimise its usage as a tool for company branding. Our portable trade show counters are the most practical and most affordable solutions you will find for your needs.

Wide and Sturdy Pop Up Counters

Our portable trade show counters, also called the CA500 model, is designed for stability and practicality. With a size of 940mm/W x 46mm/D x 88mm/H, not only does this counter model provide a bigger space for displaying items at your exhibition booth, it also functions as a storage hard case where you can keep your exhibition paraphernalia and other items needed for your displays. As thus, you won’t have to carry multiple cases when one will do. And despite its size, it is highly portable, thanks to the wheels on the case. So you can transport it easily wherever you need to take it.

As a display tool, our trade show counters are very attractive. This counter model is made up of a fabric graphic, four aluminium pillar supports, and a hard case that doubles as the base and frame of the counter itself. The fabric graphic is the main feature of this counter. It is done in full colour, yielding brilliant hues and sharp details, and highly resistant to fading and other forms of wear-and-tear.

With a display table as big as this one, you’d think it would be hard to assemble. Actually, it will take you less than ten minutes to put this counter together. All you need to do is to set the lid of the carry case as the base of the table and then lock in the aluminium support poles. Once that’s done, you invert the body of the case and place it atop the support poles. Pull the fabric graphic from the base of the counter so the fabric covers the entire frame, and fasten it in place using the countertop. And then, zip up the fabric graphic.

Because the counter’s frame is sturdy and the fabric graphic is resistant to damage, you are guaranteed to enjoy this pop up counter for as long as you want, and as frequently as you want. You won’t have to buy another one. If you need a new graphic, you can always keep the frame and simply order a replacement graphic. You’ll already save money from the counter’s affordable price, and then save some more from the mileage you will get out of it.

Our portable trade show counters are truly the best solutions you will find in the market today. We deliver to any location in Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Adelaide, Gold Coast, Canberra, Darwin, Brisbane and anywhere else in Australia. Call us for more information about our trade show counters today.

Setup Instructions


Put case flat on the floor and undo straps.


Lift lid and remove the content of the case.


Put the lid (not the side with wheels) on the floor first.Place the supplied vertical support poles in place firmly.


Now lift the base and place on top of the support pole, fit the poles same as the base.


Place case in a clean area to fit the fabric print, like putting your pants on, start at the base, make sure zipper is in the middle.


Make sure that all wrinkles are out and the fabric looks straight.


Put the lid right on top and press to secure.


The zipper on the back is used to access storage.



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