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Media Walls

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We can custom-make any height and width of straight media walls.

Media Wall Details:

  • Setup Time: 15 Minutes
  • Graphic Material: Full-colour Fabric
  • Can be single-sided or double-sided
  • Widths Available: 2440mm to 6160mm
  • Heights Available: 750mm to 2240mm

 Price Includes:

  • 1 frame
  • 1 fabric graphic
  • 1 carry bag


  • Set of 2 halogen lights

Straight and Curved Models

Colourful, Customisable Media Walls & Backdrops

If you’re looking for a media wall in Sydney to serve as a backdrop for your red carpet event or as decor for your booth at a trade show or shopping centre, you ought to know that it’s not enough for the fabric wall you choose to look pretty. It has to be practical and easy to install. It should give you plenty of choices when it comes to setting up your displays. And most of all, it should fit your budget and be cost-effective for you in the long run.

Our media walls have all those characteristics and more. With delivery available across Australia, we can help more people in more places, providing superior quality media walls to places such as:

  • Melbourne
  • Sydney
  • Perth
  • Adelaide
  • Brisbane
  • Gold Coast
  • Canberra
  • Darwin
  • Hobart
  • And across regional Australia

Multi-Purpose Media Walls Available in Different Sizes

Our fabric media walls are attractive and will complement your booth or red carpet well. They also look pretty in pictures; if used as backdrops, our media walls will not cause any issues such as flares and join lines. You can use these fabric walls in many different ways, depending on their size:

  • As decoration for your booth at a shopping centre or trade show
  • As advertising banner stands
  • As barriers around your stand at a shopping centre if you need to provide privacy for your clients as they try out your products and services
  • As backdrops for photo shoots, fashion shows and red carpets
  • As backgrounds at media events such as press conferences, Q&As and panel discussions

Our fabric walls are available straight or curved configurations, giving you more flexibility in how you decorate your booth or event. Our media walls are available in the following sizes:

Model: 3×3 Straight

Dimensions: 2450mm/W x 2240mm/H

Model: 3×4 Straight

Dimensions: 2920/W x 2240mm/H

Model: 2×3 Straight

Dimensions: 2450mm/W x 1500mm/H

Model: 2×4 Straight

Dimensions: 2900/W x 1500mm/H

Model: 6m Straight

Dimensions: 5900mm/W x 2240mm/H

Model: 3×3 Curved

Dimensions: 2440mm/W x 400mm/D x 2240mm/H

Model: 3×4 Curved

Dimensions: 3050mm/W x 500mm/D x 2240mm/H

Model: 2×3 Curved

Dimensions: 2440mm/H x 400mm/D x 1500mm/H

Model: 2×4 Curved

Dimensions: 3050mm/W x 500mm/D x 1500mm/H

Model: 6m Curved

Dimensions: 6160mm/W x 510mm/D x 2240mm/H

We can custom make the height and width of straight media walls; height only for curved media walls.

Portable and Easy to Install

These media walls are extremely lightweight – they are the lightest displays available in the market today, in fact. You can easily move them, and they come with their own carry bag so you can bring them from one location to another without a fuss.

Each media wall set is made up of a fabric graphic and a frame. The fabric graphic is done in full colour and is fitted with a zipper to keep it in place. You can order the fabric graphic single-sided or double-sided depending on your needs. We recommend you get the double-sided display for a stronger visual impact.

Our media backdrop stands have different pieces, namely: straight and foldable sides, curved corners, and a foldable centre pole. The foldable pieces lock in place at the joints. The ends of each piece are clearly labelled so you will easily see which end will connect with which.

To assemble the fabric wall, you only need to go through five simple steps:

  1. Take the pieces out of the carry bag.
  2. Unfold the straight pieces and lock them in place.
  3. Connect and lock together all the pieces using the label on the ends of each piece as your guide.
  4. Attach the centre pole to stabilise the frame.
  5. Slip the fabric graphic over the frame and zip it closed.

And then you’re done. Just place the fabric wall where you want it.

Reusable and Saves You Money

Another great benefit you will enjoy from using our media backdrops and banners is they allow you to be more creative with your display. This type of fabric wall doesn’t take a lot of space, so you can readily combine it with other display types. With our fabric walls, you can come up with the best display for your space without busting your budget. You can even enhance your display by getting add-ons such as tabletop counters and halogen lights.

Besides, these fabric walls will save you money. They are affordably priced. Moreover, they become cheaper per piece when you buy them in bulk. Most importantly, these media walls are reusable. If you need new images for your display, just order new sets of fabric graphics and keep the frame. There won’t be any need for you to buy a new frame at all. Eventually, these fabric walls will prove to be a good investment for your business.

There are so many advantages you will get from using our media backdrop printing services. They can be used for a variety of purposes and are available in many different sizes. They are practical, portable and easy to install. It saves you time and effort. Most of all, it will save you a lot of money.

Call us at our Sydney location for more information today.

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