Why SK Displays? Simple.

Quality is the name of our game. The fabrics we use for our flags, banners, and media walls are thicker than what is offered in the market today. We only use the latest and the best in fabric printing technologies. We use both dye sublimation printing and screen printing. Our prints are always in full colour and high definition, so you’re guaranteed to get the most out of your displays.

We provide a wide range of options. Because we care about your needs, we give you more choices that might just help in achieving your goals and pushing your brand to the top. We basically have everything—from flags and banners, pop-up and media walls, down to tablecloths and chair covers, and stage backdrops and themed decors.

We help you save time and money. Our prices are very affordable for the quality of the products you’re getting. We offer packages that will allow you to order all the banners, signages, and other display accessories you need at a fraction of the cost. What’s more, our products are easy to set up and can be customised to fit your needs—so, really, you won’t have to waste precious time and manpower when putting them together.


What makes an effective business sign?

While this largely depends on your goals and needs, a business sign proves to be the most effective when it has the following: quick information (for quick reading), clear images (for making immediate connection to your brand), legible typeface (sans serif ones are your best bet), colour combination (for coherence), and white space (for avoiding too much clutter). Check out our infographic for more information.

In what ways can I use banners and flags for my business?

Given their indoor and outdoor usability, signages are capable of serving a myriad of business needs. The creative possibilities are endless! Here are some ideas:



What printing techniques do you use?

We only use the latest and the best in fabric printing technologies.  We use both dye sublimation printing and screen printing.

Dye Sublimation requires high levels of heat and pressure. And so in our process: we first print the design on to a thermal transfer paper, and we then press the thermal paper onto the fabric using a machine, which provides the heat and pressure required to create the printout. This heat and pressure allow the ink on the thermal paper to sublimate or transform from solid to gas without passing through the liquid state. While in gaseous state, the ink permeates every fibre of the fabric substrate until it returns to its solid form.

Screen Printing, on the other hand, is all about breaking down the design into its different colour layers and printing each layer on film transparency positives. Each positive is burned on an emulsion-prepared screen, where the image is burned on the mesh of the screen. From there, the screen printing process begins—from placing the fabric and screen on the press, to pressing the required ink through the screen—until all the colour layers are on the fabric. We then finish off with a conveyor dryer for colour permanence.

Do you offer your products in other sizes than the ones listed on your website?

We can custom-made any size of flags and banners.

What about discounts and package deals?

Our customers are special to us, so, yes, we offer discounts and package deals, too! You can check them out here and here.


Do you require minimum orders?

No. With that said, even if you need just one piece of banner or flag, we will entertain your order without charging you extra.

Can I make changes even after my order has been submitted?

Most orders get sent to our production staff immediately upon submission, so making changes to the design submitted is almost always impossible. If you, however, have just placed an order and are keen to check if last-minute changes are doable, then feel free to get in touch.

What is your cancellation policy?


What format do you prefer for images? What format do you prefer for logos? What are my options for customisation?


Dimension: We customise flags to any size you specify.

Fabric: We have 15 types of fabrics you can choose from, including block out, polyester, silk, and waratah fabric.

Colour: You can pick the exact colours you want. You will only need to pick the shade that you want us to use from the PMS colour library, a book published by Pantone that features all the colours recognised by the human eye.

Printing Options: You can choose between single-sided and double-sided. The former is practical for one-sided placements (e.g. solid walls). However, we highly recommend the latter for banners to be hung from ceilings or to be used for outdoors, mostly for maximum exposure and visibility.

Finishing: We offer many different types of finishing, such as hemstitching, eyelets/hemmed edges with eyelets, ropes, and seam pockets.

We can customize most of our products to fit your specifications. When you buy from us, you’re sure to get exactly what you need.


What is your turnaround time? What types of payment do you accept? Where do you deliver?

We deliver to any location in Australia, including Sydney, MelbournePerthDarwin, Adelaide, Brisbane, Gold Coast, and Canberra. Contact us today. We’re just an email/phone call away!