Need Custom Flag Printing? We've Got You Covered.

Custom- other such signage are decorative items you must have if you are organising made flags, banners and an event where the participants will be divided into teams and where you will have corporate partners as sponsors. A custom banner will delineate which team is which and so raises team spirit. It can add more fun to the event. It is also great for displaying your sponsors’ logos for marketing. If you need custom flags in Sydney, we are the bannershop that will do the best job for you.

Custom Flag Printing at Affordable Costs

We produce high-quality custom-made flags at affordable prices. Our flags are truly eye-catching and perfect for outdoor events, particularly sports tournaments in schools, universities, golf clubs and other arenas. You can use them to display the logos of participating teams as well as the logos of your event sponsors.

All our flags are digitally printed in full colour, vividly detailed and richly hued. Both the fabric and the printout are highly resistant to the elements. Thus, you can leave these banners outside for prolonged periods without any worry of fading or tearing.

We offer you a lot of options that will ensure you will get the best customised banners for your event. You can order single-sided or double-sided banners. You can also choose whether the flags will be printed using screen printing or dye sublimation printing.

Outdoor flags and banners

Both screen printing and dye sublimation printing produce highly accurate printouts with brilliant colours. In screen printing, the elements of your design are separated into its different colour layers. Each colour layer is then printed out on a film transparency positive. So let’s say you have an image with three different colours. It would be broken down into three colour layers, with each layer printed on its own transparency positive. Each positive is then processed on a mesh screen prepared with emulsion. The part of the image printed on the positive is burned on the mesh screen. Again, we’ll have one screen per colour layer. Afterwards, the fabric and the screen to be processed are placed in a screen printing press and the needed ink is applied on the fabric through the screen using a squeegee. This step is repeated for every colour layer. When all the colour layers are applied to the fabric, the fabric is dried on a conveyor dryer so the image would set permanently on it.

With dye sublimation, high levels of heat and pressure are used to make the printout. The desired image is printed on thermal paper. Afterwards, the thermal paper is pressed onto the fabric using a machine. The machine delivers the heat and pressure needed for the ink on the thermal paper to sublimate – that is, to transform directly from solid to gas without passing through the liquid stage. The sublimated ink is infused in the fibres of the fabric as it dries and turns into solid once again.

Custom flags and banners

As mentioned earlier, both fabric printing processes deliver high-quality printouts. Which one should you choose, then? For big-volume orders, we highly recommend screen printing, as this is quicker and less costly without sacrificing quality. But if you only need a few pieces, then choose dye sublimation printing. The cost is ideal for small orders, and the quality is guaranteed to be the same.

You can rely on us to give you the custom banners and flags best suited to your needs. We also deliver to any place in Australia, including Melbourne, Sydney, Darwin, Perth, Adelaide, Gold Coast, Canberra and Brisbane. Call us for more information about our customised flags today.

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