Affordable 3x3 Pop Up Display – What More Could You Ask For?

3×3 Pop-up Display

Curved ModelStraight Model
Model noSK-PUD 3x3CSK-PUD 3x3S

3x3 Pop Up Display

3x3 Pop Up Display

Curved model

Straight model

 Package Includes:

  • 1 straight or curved aluminium frame
  • 5 full-colour, high-quality laminated graphic panels or fabric panels
  • 1 wheeled carrying case with graphic or fabric wrap
  • 1 wooden tabletop
  • 2 halogen spotlights


  • Double-sided printing is available

In the crowded floor of an expo hall, you need a stunning, high-quality 3×3 pop up display to capture your audience’s short attention span. People are visual by nature and can easily become curious of what they see. If you give them a dazzling visual treat centred on your products, you can excite them and make them want to learn more. Unfortunately, in a crowded expo hall, you’ll be competing with so many others in grabbing your audience. You’ll have to stand out or be drowned out. We have the perfect pop up display that will make you stand out.

Increase Your Audience’s Visual Appetite

Our 3×3 pop up display is the perfect choice for showcasing your products in a way that will stir up your audience’s visual appetite and make them want to learn more. Standing three cubes high and three cubes wide, this display is compact and will fit the average space on the expo floor. You can choose between a straight frame and a curved frame, depending on your preferred design. The straight model comes in 2770mm/W x 360mm/D x 2310mm/H, while the curved model is 2500mm/W x 260mm/D x 2310mm/H. You can also pick between a single-sided and double-sided option for your pop up stands. The single-sided display works well enough if your space is confined. But if you have a decent space for your audience to move around your display, we highly recommend the double-sided option. This 3×3 pop up display definitely looks professional. The frame is made of aluminium with a silver finish – neat to look at, durable and secure. Accompanying the frame are five high-quality and full-colour graphic panels guaranteed to keep your display bright and crisp. These panels are produced using the latest in wide-format printing technology. Each of them is laminated to protect your graphics as well as catch the light from the pair of halogen lamps included in the package. Our display is also practical. You can assemble it easily in 10 minutes tops. Additionally, it comes with its own wheeled carrying case, allowing you to transport it from place to place without a fuss. A graphic or fabric wrap and a tabletop transform this carrying case into a counter that you can use as a workspace or where you can place your product samples and pamphlets. How do you assemble these displays? First, you simply pull at the frame until it pops up to its full height and width. Then you attach magnetic strips to the frame. Afterwards, you stick the laminated graphics onto the magnetic strips using the matching strips built into the graphics as well. As for the counter, simply pull the graphic wrap over the body of the carrying case until it is fully covered, and then place the countertop upon it. The biggest benefit you will get from this pop up wall is you will generate a lot of savings from it in the long run. The frame, as mentioned earlier, is highly durable. So are the graphic panels. You can use them as frequently as you want, and at any venue as you please. You can mix and match them with other sizes of this display type, such as the 3×1, 3×2 and 3×4, if you want to be more creative and flexible and expand your display. And if you want your displays to sport a new appearance, you won’t need to throw your old displays away. You simply order replacement graphic panels and keep the old frames. These are huge money savers in the end. Stirring up your audience’s curiosity and appetite for your product is important in an expo. You are sure to achieve these goals and stand out amongst the crowd with our 3×3 pop up display. We deliver to any location in Australia, including Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Canberra, Brisbane, Perth, Gold Coast and Darwin. Call us for more information about our 3×3 pop up display today.

Straight Model Dimensions:

W: 2770mm, D: 260mm, H: 2310mm

Curved Model Dimensions:

W: 2500mm, D: 260mm, H: 2310mm

Package Includes:

  • 1 straight or curved aluminium frame
  • 5 full-colour, high-quality laminated graphic panels or fabric panels
  • 1 wheeled carrying case with graphic or fabric wrap
  • 1 wooden tabletop
  • 2 halogen spotlights

Setup Instructions


Place the frame on the ground.


Lift the pop-up frame to expand the structure.


Once the frame is completely expanded, it will remain in the fully opened position.


Insert the channel bars into the slots located in the black brackets at the top of the frame.


Slide the bottom of the channel bars from right to left onto the remaining brackets (5) to (7).




Attach the center panels first. Each panel has a slot at the top of each corner. The panel slides onto the pins at the top of the frame. (8) and (9)



Attach the panels (10) and (11)



Attach the 2 endcap panels. (12) and (13)



Attach the lights. The light brackets are located at the top of the frame.


Slide the lighting from right to left onto the bracket. (15) and (16)


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Coming soon

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