Cheap Custom Bunting Give Your Store a Festival Feel

To boost the sales in your store or supermarket, you should do all that you can to create a lively atmosphere inside your store. That’s because customers are encouraged to buy more from a store with a fun atmosphere. No one likes to buy from a gloomy store, after all; in fact, people are not likely to stay long in a store that doesn’t look fun. One way you can create a fun, festival-like feel for your store is by putting up fabric bunting flags. We offer custom made bunting flags that you can use to make your store look fun.

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Buntings Create Atmosphere of Celebration

We offer custom made bunting flags that are cheerful, colourful and attractive. They can be used for many different purposes. In stores and supermarkets, you can hang these pennant banners to announce sales or to inform your customers what brands your store carries. In schools, you can put up these pennants during dances, sports tournaments, fraternity or sorority weeks, and other such events so the students would know which teams, groups or organisations are participating. In civic and cultural clubs, you can install these fabric bunting flags whenever you are holding a cultural event or festival to represent the symbols of your club.

Each pennant banner we offer is made of polyester fabric. Moreover, the banner is produced using the latest digital fabric printing technologies available in the market. The printouts are done in full colour, thus resulting in vivid, vibrant colours and sharp, accurate details. The printouts are permanent, durable and resistant to damage and fading. Therefore, you can safely install them outdoors without worrying much about the colours washing out due to exposure to rain, sunshine and wind.

You can buy a bunting in any size. We customise bunting sizes according to your specifications. Additionally, you can choose whether your pennants will be square-shaped, rectangular or triangular. They are also available as single-sided or double-sided. If you’re using these banners for sales and promotions, double-sided prints will maximise visibility and exposure for your brand.

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The standard number of pennants per string is as follows:

  • 30′ streamer – 12 pennants per string
  • 60′ streamer – 24 pennants per string
  • 100′ streamer – 48 pennants per string

Whether you have an event or not at your store, school or club, you can create a fun, festival-like feel in premises by putting up custom bunting flags. We deliver these pennant banners to any location in Australia, including Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide, Gold Coast and Darwin. Call us right now for more information on our buntings.