Need High-Quality Street Banners? We've Got Them Here

If you’re using street banners and other outdoor signage as part of your marketing campaign, you would have to make sure that these banner flags you use are smart – smart in that they are attractive without being a distraction for motorists on the road, advertorial but not crass, and high in quality without busting your budget. We have street flags and banners that fit these requirements.

Classy Banners for Any Outdoor Location

Our street flags and banners can be installed at any outdoor location: on sidewalks and centre islands, at parks and open-air event venues, and on lawns in front of commercial or government buildings. They are pretty enough to attract the attention of passersby, and they comply with city guidelines for outdoor signage. You can use them to advertise your products and services, promote events you’re organising, or simply provide outdoor decoration within your premises.

These banners are each made up of a fabric graphic digitally produced using screen printing. Screen printing is a fabric printing process known for its accuracy and colour richness. Fabrics printed using screen printing are also highly durable; they will not fade easily even with prolonged exposure to the elements.

How does screen printing work? Here are the basic steps:

  1. Your design is broken down into its different colour layers, and each layer is printed on a film transparency positive. For example, if you ordered a corporate logo printout using five different colours, we will break down the image of your logo into five separate layers. So we will have five positives for these five colour layers.
  2. The positive for each colour is burned onto an emulsion-prepared screen. The process etches onto the mesh of the screen the part of the design that uses that particular colour. One screen is prepared for each positive.
  3. The fabric and the screen to be processed are clamped to a screen printing press, and the ink is applied using a squeegee. After one colour is applied, the screen is replaced with the one for the next layer of colour, and so on until all layers are imprinted on the fabric.
  4. The fabric is dried on a conveyor dryer to allow the inks to settle permanently on the fabric.

We use polyester blends for our fabric graphics. These fabrics are more porous, and they allow wind to pass through the fibres. This makes the signage more wind-resistant, so it will not topple over and cause harm or damage in case of sudden gusts of wind.

street flags and banners
Street banner material

We offer angle-headed banners, but you can choose any shape of banner you want. You can also select between double-sided and single-sided banners. However, because the fabric graphic is created using screen printing, this means the printed image is seen in reverse at the back of the banner in single-sided options. The single-sided banner is our cheaper and more popular option.

All our street flags and banners are hand-sewn and may have different finishes according to your choice. These finishes can be rope and cleat, sleeved and eyeleted, or sleeved with mast bands.

Our street flags and banners shop produces street banners and outdoor signage that are truly the most practical solution you will find in the market today. We deliver to any location in Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Canberra, Perth, Brisbane, Gold Coast and Darwin. Call us right now to learn more about our signages.