International Flags Generate Pride in Public Ceremony

Australia is a big melting pot of all races, so it’s not really uncommon to see the flags of the world alongside the Australian flag in public events, venues and ceremonies. These international flags symbolise the kind of heritage the people of Australia have, and these people can be fiercely proud of their heritage. As thus, if you’re an organiser for an international-themed event or if you run a flags shop that sells banners and flags in Melbourne or any location in Australia, it is very important that you use only brilliantly coloured and well-crafted flags. In that way, you’ll get your participants or audience fired up with pride for their home country and become more enthusiastic for the event. We have international flags, the Aussie flag and other types of country flags that you can check out.

Brilliant, All-Weather Country Flags for Sale

Our country flags are great for events like flag ceremonies, cultural events, parades, pageants and sporting events. We produce not just Australian flags but flags of other countries as well.

We guarantee that our flags and banners are made using only the best materials. The fabric we use for these flags are 100% polyester, knitting polyester and nylon blends. We supply flags in the following sizes: 2400mm x 1200mm, 2740mm x 1370mm, 3600mm x 1800mm. If you want flags and banners of a different size, we can customise them according to your specifications.

Our flags and banners are produced using the screen printing process. Screen printing is known to produce vivid colours and accurate details at a very affordable cost. How does screen printing work? Basically, this process makes use of a screen to filter ink to create the desired image onto the medium or substrate. To create a screen printout, the artwork is first designed on a computer and then printed out on a film positive transparency. The framed mesh screen is then prepared with emulsion so the transparency film sticks to it. Once the film is set, the frame and film is exposed to light so the artwork is transferred onto the screen. Then, the frame is set onto the medium (in this case, the fabric making up the country flag). The frame is then brushed with ink using a squeegee to transfer the artwork onto the medium. Afterwards, the product is cured using a conveyor dryer to allow the ink to permeate the fibres of the fabric and set permanently.

The resulting printout is rich in colour and detail. Moreover, the printout is permanent and highly resistant to sunshine and moisture. Thus, these country flags for sale will not fade easily even if left outdoors for a long time. You’re sure to get real value for your money with these country flags.

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Our country flags are truly the best flags you can find in the market today. We deliver banners and flags in Perth and to any location in Australia, including Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Darwin, Canberra, Gold Coast and Brisbane. Call us for more information about this product today.

Product Details:

  • Material: 100% polyester, knitting polyester or nylon
  • Available sizes: 2400mm x 1200mm, 2740mm x 1370mm, 3600mm x 1800mm
  • Custom-made sizes available
  • Printing process: silk screen printing