Enhance Your Display with a Triangle Counter Showcase

Triangle Showcase

Model Number: SK-PUC-TS

Package Includes:

Triangle Showcase

  • Aluminum Frame Hardware
  • 1 set of fabric panel
  • 1 set of hardware kit

If you are displaying products that have a certain air of exquisiteness about them, then it is an absolute must that the display counters you use to showcase these items should be as exquisite as they are. Doing so will only bring the best out of your displayed products. Why don’t you check out our triangle counter showcase for your elegant displays?

Elegant, Efficient Design

Our triangle display counter is a wonderful platform for showcasing your products as treasures. Its form makes it an instant conversation piece that will set your target customers buzzing for your booth. But, more importantly, this triangle showcase in Australia boasts of an efficient design that ensures it will remain stable while standing at your exhibition booth.

With a size of 645mm/W x 620mm/D x 2000mm/H, each triangle display counter is made up of an aluminium frame with interlocking poles, plexiglass display shelves, and a fabric graphic. The beauty of this display case lies in its fabric graphic, produced in full colour using the latest technologies in digital fabric printing, which guarantees vividness in hue and richness in detail. The counter also comes with a hard carry bag that ensures easy portability – you can take it anywhere without any problems.

Putting together this display case is also very easy. It only takes less than ten minutes to complete. To start, you just lock in the first set of support poles of the frame to its base, and then slip on the fabric graphic so it covers this first tier. Afterwards, you place the countertop on the first tier. Then you lock in the second set of support poles and fasten the first layer of plexiglass shelving. Continue attaching the support poles and plexiglass shelving in tiers until you come up with the top layer of shelving. And then, you’re done.

Our triangular display counters are not just pretty. They are also cost-effective display solutions. They already come at affordable prices and are sure to save you a pretty penny in the long run. That’s because you can use them again and again without worries, so you won’t have to buy display counters as frequently. If you need a new fabric graphic to change the imagery on your counters, you simply have to order a new fabric graphic and keep the counters’ frame. And in case you don’t need the shelves, you can simply remove them and use the assembly as a regular triangle counter.

This triangle counter will truly enhance the appearance of your booth at any expo or trade show. We deliver to any location in Australia, including Melbourne, Sydney, Canberra, Brisbane, Adelaide, Darwin, Perth and Gold Coast. Call us for more information about this product today.

Setup Instructions


Extend and lock the support poles.


Place the 3 poles with the holes facing up.


Place counter top onto poles. Tap down with hand to secure.


Slide fabric graphic wrap onto hardware. Align seam to center of back of counter.


Feed the rubber profile in to the grove, make sure the fabric is even all around.


Make sure that the fabric seam where the ziper is vertical.


The zipper on the back is used to access in side the unit.


Now assemble the top 3 poles and make sure that they are secure.


Slide the plexiglass shelf in place, you need to press the locking buttons to lower them.



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