Do You Want Fabric Displays that Create a Lasting Impact?

3×3 Straight Fabric Wall (2260mm/W x 2260mm/H)

Model no: SK-PFW-3x3S

Package Includes:

  • 1 set of frame
  • 1 fabric graphic
  • 1 carry bag


  • Set of 2 halogen lights

First impressions last. Our fabric displays will help you create a strong first impression when you use them at the expo hall, trade show or conference. The high-quality visuals these displays provide will attract your audience to your booth, stimulate their curiosity, and make them want to learn more about the products and services you offer.

Simple Yet Eye-Catching

The construction of our fabric displays is simple. A 3×3 straight pop-up fabric wall, it consists of a frame and a fabric graphic. The straight frame has a silver finish to give it a clean and sleek look. It stands three cubes high and three cubes wide, measuring 2260mm/W x 330mm/D x 2260mm/H. It is sturdy, durable and secure. The fabric graphic is thick and is rendered in full colour so your images will pop vividly at your audience. It normally comes single-sided, but you can also order a double-sided fabric graphic to maximise your display. You can also spotlight the images on these 3×3 pop up fabric wall displays by ordering the optional pair of halogen lights designed to work with them.

Assembly Takes Only 5 Minutes

One of the best benefits you will get from using our fabric displays is it is easy to set up. It will only take you less than minutes to get this display up so you can have more time attending to your other tasks. This product comes with its own convenient carry bag. To put up this fabric wall, all you need to do is to take the frame out of its carry bag. The fabric graphic is already attached to the frame. Pop up the frame so it expands to its full width and height. And then, attach together the hooks you will find at the back of the frame and let out its base so the frame stands straight and secure. Both the frame and the fabric graphic have Velcro strips attached to it. So once you have the frame standing, just complete the set up by smoothing the fabric graphic over the frame and secure it by its Velcro fastenings. Then you’re good to go. The entire process takes only five minutes. Our fabric displays will truly help you get the exposure you need for your products and services at expo halls, trade shows and conferences. Call us right now to learn more about these displays.

Straight Model Dimensions:

2260mm/W x 330mm/D x 2260mm/H

Product Details:

  • Setup Time: 5 Minutes
  • Graphic Material: Fabric
  • Can be single-sided or double-sided
  • Dimensions: 2260mm/W x 330mm/D x 2260mm/H, straight frame

Price Includes:

  • 1 set of frame
  • 1 fabric graphic
  • 1 carry bag


  • Set of 2 halogen lights

Setup Instructions


Remove frame and graphic from bag.


Ensure “adjustable knobs” of frame are on the floor. Pull up display into upright position.


Lock all hooks between front and back hubs.


Adjust leveling knobs for desired angle. OneFabric™ display can now be moved easily into position.


OPTIONAL: Attach lights to top of frame by sliding the plastic X Blocks under the frames cross sections.


WARNING! DO NOT FORCE CLOSED.To avoid damage, all hooks must be disconnected before collapsing frame.

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Coming soon

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