Media Wall Backdrops are great at trade shows


Trade shows are a great way to meet new prospects and get your name out in front of people in your industry. However we find that most small businesses just don’t like the task of setting up a booth. A media wall backdrop is an easy way to start planning your booth and a great way to showcase your brand/business. Here are some tips for displaying your trade show booth.

Include a striking image in your media wall to grab people’s attention.

Whether you’re using a traditional media wall backdrop or a digital screen for your trade show booth display, an eye-catching image that represents your brand will help attract prospects. It’s best to use only 1 or 2 images as too many pictures can make your booth look cluttered and overwhelming. Remember to keep it simple and the image quality constant. Also, make sure the images you choose are clearly relevant to your company.

  • For example, if your company sells state-of-the-art printers, you could include a sleek, high-definition picture of one of the printers you sell.
  • If you think you need to include more than a few images to get your point across, that’s OK! Remember, simplicity is key. You want to attract prospects, not distract them, so make sure your images don’t look cluttered.

Make sure your company’s name and purpose is clearly visible.

Investing in a trade show booth is a great marketing opportunity, but only if it’s clear to prospects who you are and what goods or services you offer. Put your company’s name somewhere on a media wall backdrop in large font so it’s immediately clear to prospects who they’re dealing with. If it’s not obvious what your company does based on the name, you should also include a brief line that describes your company’s purpose or mission;

  • For example, if the name of your company is “Stellar Printers,” it will be fairly obvious to prospects what you’re offering. However, if your company is called “Optimus,” you’d want to add something like “Easy-to-use content platform” somewhere on your display so no one is left wondering what your company does.
  • Use a large font that’s easy-to-read.
    The most important thing when it comes to the messaging in your trade show booth display is that people can quickly read and understand it. Keep in mind that prospects will have lots of booths to look at, so you want to make things as easy as possible for them. Using a large, simple font is the best way to do that. Try to avoid using ornate, embellished fonts since they’re distracting and hard to read. For example, you could use easy-to-read fonts like Helvetica, Verdana, Open Sans, Roboto, and Futura. Try not to incorporate too many fonts into your design since that can also be overwhelming. Instead, stick with 1-2 fonts.

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