printed table covers in different colors

Maximising Trade Show Success: On Printed Table Covers and Getting the Right Color

Businesses participate in trade shows for two reasons: to reach people and to make an impact. And this is why when you go to one, you’re almost always guaranteed to see a wide variety of exhibits and booth spaces, all equipped with their own unique setup—from large modular exhibits, down to small tabletop displays. The options are seemingly endless but there’s one thing every successful exhibitor knows to be true: you need to promote your brand to draw in potential new customers.

Digital screens, banner stands, and giveaways—these are all great ways to do it. But if you’re new to the game or are looking to keep things simple, a printed table cover can help maximise your success at the convention hall.

Why Table Covers?

A printed tablecloth takes your brand to a whole new level. For one, you can customise it by adding your business name, logo and web address, as well as by slapping on some pretty nifty graphics. Since they come in all materials and styles, you can mix and match however you like. And if you’re an eco-friendly company, there’s a full range of green options for you, too.

Although some people might believe that they are nothing more than a piece of linen, printed tablecloths are actually kind of a big deal. How so? A well-dressed table can make booth spaces look not just inviting and welcoming but also more polished and professional. Without one, you’re pretty much a forgettable booth that people are more likely to walk past by instead of walk into.

Now it’s one thing to get prospective clients to notice and remember you, but it’s certainly another thing to get them to feel a certain way about your brand. There’s logo design. There’s brand naming and tagline creation. And then… there’s color selection.

Let’s Talk Colors

printed table covers in different colors

Logo-printed table covers in different colors.

In a sea of brands all competing for attention, color can absolutely help you stand out. Known to generally have a rather strong psychological impact on people’s decisions and behaviour, colors have the ability to alter our mind, trigger certain actions, and most important of all, evoke feelings and emotions.

  • Red, orange and yellow. Red creates a sense of urgency and encourages appetite; hence, the frequent use at clearance sales and by fast-food chains. Combining red’s power and yellow’s friendliness, orange brings enthusiasm and comfort, and creates a sense of fun in your visuals. Yellow, on the other hand, is optimism. It’s also the easiest color to see—so easy, it’s actually the first color babies respond to.

Major brands that leverage these colors include Netflix, McDonald’s, Nikon, IKEA, Hooters, Amazon, and Nickelodeon.

  • Green, blue and purple. Associated with health and nature, green is often used either to relax customers (as it encourages balance and stimulates harmony in the brain) or to promote environmental issues. Blue is all about loyalty and dependability; and for that reason alone, it’s the one color most brands use to build relationships and promote trust in their products. Purple, on the other hand, is all about royalty, wealth, and respect. Commonly used to evoke the feeling of having quality products, this color is often used to promote luxury goods and beauty products.

Major brands that leverage these colors include Facebook, Paypal, Animal Planet, Starbucks, Android, Asprey, and Crown Royal.

  • Black, white and brown. Black is intelligence, sophistication and power. It stays in control, making it a great color for high contrast and easy legibility. White is the color of purity. It provides a blank slate, represents new beginnings and creates a refreshed feeling. And while it’s not visually stimulating, brown is a natural color; hence, the quick association with all things organic. This color is so down to earth that most people use it where black might be too intense.

Major brands that leverage these colors include New York Times, Adidas, World Wildlife Foundation, Apple, Hershey’s, and JP Morgan.

As shown in this survey, most people associate some colors more than others with particular words. When it comes to trust, for example, blue, white, and green are the top color choices. For security/reliability, blue, black, and green. For high quality, black and blue. For courage, purple, red, and blue. And for fun, orange is the top choice, followed by yellow.

Color is one of the key components of design, and keeping it mind while picking your printed table covers and creating your overall trade show exhibit design can boost the success of your products and services. Pair it with simple yet effective visuals, and you’re guaranteed to draw prospective clients into your booth and out of the sea of sameness around them. With color, your brand can speak volumes without uttering a single word.

The key to success at any trade show is standing out, and printed table covers sure can help you achieve just that. Set up a boring booth, and people are more likely to walk by, even if you have the most exciting offers, products and services. But set up an exciting one—complete with the right colors and design—and your business can quickly turn into a well-oiled machine.

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