Raise Your Team Pride with Brilliant Ceremonial Flags

Ceremonial flags are more than just pretty pieces of cloth. To any group owning that flag – whether it is a hobby club or sports team in school, a professional sports team, a civic organisation, a private corporation, or even a government agency – that flag is a symbol of pride and honour. It gives the group’s members a sense of belonging somewhere, and it promotes unity and solidarity within the group. Thus, it is absolutely important that any group’s ceremonial flags, its symbol of pride, is truly stellar. From our flag shop, we offer brilliant custom ceremonial flags that will help raise your team pride.

Make Your Team Proud with Ceremonial Flags

Our custom ceremonial flags are truly something you can be proud of. They have rich colours and accurate details. They also have fringes that give them a distinct appearance. You can use them to represent your team at contests and sports tournaments, in school or professionally. You can hoist them up at flagpoles in front of your building. You can decorate your office with them. You can wave them about at parades.

You can expect high quality from our flags. We use polyester fabric for these flags, and we produce them with the latest digital fabric printing technology available in the market today. The logos, symbols, mottos and other imagery you want us to print on your flags will come out sharp and accurate on fields that are richly and brilliantly hued. More importantly, they are durable and resistant to fading so you can use them indoors or outdoors without any worries. These flags will last you a long time, thus saving you money.

Our flags are available in the following sizes:

  • 360mm/W x 340mm/H
  • 600mm/W x 450mm/H
  • 1000mm/W x 1200mm/H

If you have a particular size in mind, though, we can customise the flag according to your specifications. Aside from that, you can choose any colour for your fringe. You can also opt for a single-sided or double-sided flag. Double-sided flags provide better exposure for your team’s symbols.

Promote team pride and solidarity with our distinct-looking custom ceremonial flags. We deliver our products from our flag store to Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Canberra, Adelaide, Gold Coast, Darwin, Brisbane and any other location in Australia. Call us for more details today.

Product Details:

  • Sizes: 360mm/W x 340mm/H, 600mm/W x 450mm/H, 1000mm/W x 1200mm/H
  • We can custom-make flags of any sizes
  • Can be single-sided or double-sided
  • Fringe colours: Any colours