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When you’re using vinyl signage for your advertising campaigns, you’d want your signs and banners to be so stunning that they capture your audience’s attention right from the very first glance. You’d want your vinyl signs and banners to be visible from afar, and you’d want them to stay as attractive and colourful no matter how long they’ve been exposed outdoors. Thus, you’d want Sydney vinyl banners printed using high-resolution banner printing. We offer high-quality, high-resolution banner printing services at very low prices.

Professional, High-Resolution Prints at Very Low Prices

The vinyl signage we offer are guaranteed to be of high quality. We have two basic reasons behind this claim.

First, the vinyl we use has a thickness of 550gsm. This is a very thick material, highly durable and not prone to tearing or fading. So, you can use the banner as long and as frequently as you want. The vinyl’s durability ensures that the banner will last a lot longer, even when used as an outdoor signage.

Second and more importantly, unlike many of the vinyl banners you’ll find in the market today, we print our banners in high resolution – 1440 dpi, to be exact. Most vinyl signs you’ll see out there are printed in only 720 dpi.

You can see the difference in the image below.

1440 dpi vinyl banners

As you can see, the image printed in 720 dpi is extremely grainy and fuzzy. You can even see the pixilation of the image. Not only is this image unattractive and difficult to see from afar, it makes your vinyl banner look cheap. The bad thing about this is your target audience will associate the cheap appearance of your banner to the quality of your products and services; they will think your offerings are just as bad as your banner adverts. Branding is everything when it comes to advertising your products and services.

Now, take a look at the image printed in 1440 dpi. See how clearer the details and how richer the colours are on that image? It’s not at all fuzzy or grainy. In fact, it looks very professional and very attractive. Anyone who sees a vinyl banner with that lifelike image of the golfer will stop and stare at it for a while. More importantly, the people who will view this banner will immediately think that the products and services this banner advertises are truly of high quality because the banner itself is high quality. It is the power of association at work.

Before you place your orders from any vinyl printing company, ask them about the resolution of their images, what the dpi of their printed images is. They’ll probably offer you only 360dpi or 720 dpi because it is much cheaper for them. For many printing companies, printing in 1440 dpi is more expensive as it uses more ink and takes more time to complete a job.

When you order from us, though, you can get high-resolution, 1440 dpi images without busting your budget. We offer our services at a very low price. Given how expensive printing in 1440 dpi is, you may be asking how we can afford to offer our services so cheaply. The answer is simply this: Every single day, we process large volumes of print orders. Your order is going to be part of our normal process, and we tend to lose more when we print in lower resolutions.

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We can custom-make the signage to any size you want. Additionally, you can ask us to print your banners single-sided or double-sided. Single-sided banners are great if you’re installing them upon a fence or a wall. But if you’re hanging the sign before a glass wall or window or from the ceiling, where its visibility is 360 degrees, then you’re better off with a double-sided banner. Double-sided banners maximise the potential of your displays.

You can also choose the type of finishing you want the banner to have. We offer many different types of finishing, such as ropes and eyelets or hemmed edges with eyelets. No matter what kind of finishing you choose, you are sure to end up with a professionally made product that is durable and easy to install.

Quality that Lasts a Long Time

You are sure to get a lot of mileage from the vinyl signage you order from us. For one, you can use them in different ways. They are great both as an outdoor and indoor signage. You can use them as a fence wrap or a street banner. You can install them at shopping centres, convention halls, schools, libraries, museums, sports stadiums and anywhere else where you need to put up vinyl signs.

The best advantage you will get from our vinyl banners is you will save money on your orders in the end. As mentioned earlier, the materials we use are highly durable. They will last longer than other ordinary signage. Moreover, because you can use the signage for various purposes, you don’t have to buy new banners. You can reuse them over and over without any worries.

Shop for your vinyl banners online from us – you’re sure to get great quality signage that will last a very long time. We deliver banners to any location in Australia, including Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Adelaide, Gold Coast, Darwin, Canberra and Brisbane. Call us right now for more details on our vinyl banner printing.

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