Need Smart Brochure Racks? We've Got Them Here

Producing and handing out brochures are part of any business. At trade shows, expos, press conferences, product demos, and any other corporate events where you present your products and services to the public, you give brochures away or at least make them available for your customers so they can learn more about what you offer. When you have catalogues, brochures and other such printouts as tools, you need to keep them organised at all times so they will look attractive to your target clients. Brochure racks for trade shows are the perfect tools for carrying this task out, and we have different types of these racks you can check out.

Marriage of Form and Function

We have different types of brochure holders that fit every need, from folding literature racks to mesh holders. Each catalogue stand we offer is both stylish and elegant. Moreover, they don’t take up a lot of space. You can use them to decorate your booth at a trade show or shopping centre, as well as at conventions and press conference. You can also install them at the lobby of your office, shop, school or clinic. They will blend in easily with your decor.

More importantly, our brochure racks are truly functional. Whether they’re made of acrylic shelving or mesh pockets, they can hold A4- and A5-sized reading materials. So you can easily store your pamphlets, brochures, booklets and other promotional materials in these racks.

We have the following models available:

  • Brochure Rack Model 1 – foldable acrylic shelving with a bric-a-brac appearance
  • Mesh Rack Model 1 – mesh panels with 4 to 8 pockets
  • Mesh Rack Model 2 – mesh panels with 4 to 8 pockets in the upper half and a banner graphic in the lower half

All our catalogue holders are lightweight and portable. So you can easily transport and install them where you need them, and you can store them away when not in use without a fuss. They fit any venue and occasion; thus, you don’t have to buy multiple types of racks for different events. They will save you money in the end.

Quick and Effortless Setup

One big advantage of our catalogue racks is they set up rather easily. It will take you less than five minutes to put these racks together.

The brochure rack model 1 requires you to pull it open like an accordion. Once it’s fully stretched out, you simply lock it in place.

As for the mesh rack models 1 and 2, you need to unfold their support pole first and lock it securely at the joints. Then you insert it in the slot provided at the base to create the frame. Afterwards, you attach the bottom part of the mesh panel to the base and its upper part to the top of the pole. If you need to use a halogen lamp to create a spotlight on your catalogues, you only have to attach the lamp to the top of the support pole.

Our brochure racks for trade shows are practical, high-quality solutions that you can enjoy when organising and displaying your promotional materials. We deliver our products to any location in Australia, including Sydney, Perth, Melbourne, Adelaide, Canberra, Gold Coast, Brisbane and Darwin. Call us for more information on these products right now.