Add Distinction to Your Display with Pop Up Counters

Pop up counters are absolutely essential in setting up your booth at an expo, conference or trade show. If the space calls for it, you must have a pop up counter or two. A popup counter can serve many different purposes. You can use them to hold the products and pamphlets you have on display. They can double as carry cases. They can be quite decorative and, most importantly, they will help you promote your brand.

We have a line of pop up counters that will help you enhance the appearance of your expo booth. Check them out.

Elegant, Efficient and Practical Display Tools

Our counters are eye-candy, attractive enough to intrigue your audience and pull them to your booth so they can have a look at the products and services you offer. Though our counter models come in different shapes and sizes, they all basically consist of a frame with aluminium support poles and a fabric graphic. The fabric graphic is the one element that makes our popup counters so pretty – each fabric graphic is produced using the most advanced digital fabric technology available in the market today. The fabric graphic is done in full colour so the hues are rich and the details as clear as they can be.

The following are the pop up counter models we offer, along with their sizes:

Pop Up Counter Model 1


  • 70mm/W x 33/m/D x 86cm/H
  • 70mm/W x 33/m/D x 97cm/H
  • 70mm/W x 33/m/D x 110cm/H
  • 70mm/W x 33/m/D x 124.5cm/H
  • 70mm/W x 33/m/D x 137cm/H
  • 70mm/W x 33/m/D x 150cm/H

Pop Up Counter Model 2

Size: 940mm/W x 46mm/D x 88mm/H

Pop Up Counter Model 3

Size: 700mm/W x 400mm/D x 970mm/H

Triangle Counter

Size: 645mm/W x 620mm/D x 970mm/H

Triangle Showcase

Size: 645mm/W x 620mm/D x 2000mm/H

iPad Counter

Size: 600mm/W x 400mm/D x 970mm/H

Whatever the model is, it is very easy to assemble these pop up counters. The basic steps involve putting the frame together, pulling the fabric graphic over the frame so the fabric covers the body, attaching the countertop, and then zipping up the graphic. The entire process will only take five to ten minutes to complete, depending on the model.

Regardless of the size, these counter models are very portable. Each comes with its own carry case (or doubles as a carry case). Some of these carry cases also have wheels. Thus, they are easy to transport from one place to another. You can store it without any fuss as well.

The best part about these pop up counters is they will save you money in the long run. They already come at an affordable price. And then, you can use them again and again, as frequently as you want, and in any venue you please. These counters are durable and damage-resistant, even the fabric graphic. If you want a new look for your counters, all you need to do is to order a new fabric graphic to replace your old one and simply keep the existing frame. It won’t be necessary for you to buy a new one whenever you need a counter display.

Our pop up counters are truly the best solutions you’ll find in the market today. We deliver our products to any location in Australia – Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Brisbane, Canberra, Darwin, Gold Coast and Perth. Call us right now for more information on our pop up counters.