If you’re looking for a Sydney banner shop you can completely rely on to produce for you high-quality banners and signage without costing you a fortune, look no further. SK Displays is a Sydney-based bannershop committed to creating a wide variety of quality banners, flags, media walls and signage that will help you promote your brand to your target audience, wherever they may be.

You can use our products at any kind of venue or event –

  • At trade shows and expos
  • At malls and shopping centres
  • At your office or place of business
  • At museums and libraries
  • At schools and sports stadiums
  • At construction sites
  • At parties and corporate events
  • And anywhere else.

Quality Is the Name of Our Game

So, why should you buy your banners, signage, and other display and promotional tools from us? We have a number of reasons for you to consider.

First of them is the quality of our work. Quality is the name of our game, and it clearly shows in the kind of fabric printing that we do.

The fabrics we use for our flags, banners and media walls are thicker than what is offered in the market today.

We only use the latest and the best in fabric printing technologies. We use both dye sublimation printing and screen printing. Our prints are always in full colour and in high definition so you will get the most out of your displays.

Most of all, we strive to deliver the best customer service in the industry. We make it a point to take care of our clients, to listen to their needs, and to ensure that they are getting the product they are paying for and more. We deliver our products not just in Sydney but to any location in Australia, including Melbourne, Perth, Adelaide, Canberra, Brisbane, Gold Coast and Darwin.

We Give You More Choices for Your Banner and Signage Advertising

Because we care about your needs and what is important to you in coming up with the best banner and signage advertising campaign that will push your brand to the top, we give you more choices in achieving your goals. That is our second reason.

We offer a wide range of products and fabric printing services that you can use for your exhibits, displays and signages – from flags and banners, to pop-up and media walls, to tablecloths and chair covers, to stage backdrops and themed decors.

We offer our products in different sizes, in different fabric materials, and in different finishes. We can even customise most of our products to fit your specifications.

When you buy from SK Displays, you’re sure to get exactly what you need.

We Help You Save Time and Money on Your Local Campaigns

The third, and perhaps the best, reason for you to consider using us for your banner, signage and fabric printing needs is we will help you save money on your local campaigns.

Our prices are very affordable for the quality of the products you are getting.

But that’s not all.

We offer packages that will allow you to order all the banners, signages and other display accessories you need at a fraction of the cost. Buying in bulk from us is one money-saving deal that would be hard for you to overlook.

Our products are easy to set up and can be customised to fit your needs. So you won’t have to waste precious time and manpower when putting together your signages and displays. That’s another form of savings for you.

Plus, our products are practical. They are highly portable, so you won’t have to face big logistics issues when transporting your displays from one place to another.

And, lastly, you can use our banners, flags and signages as often as you want and at any venue you need them. They are sturdy, durable and highly resistant to damage. You can even leave them outdoors; they won’t fade easily from exposure to sunlight, wind or moisture. And if you need a new look for your displays, you don’t have to order a new set of display tools. You only have to call us to order a new fabric graphic as a replacement and keep the frame holding your display together.

All these will help you save valuable time, money and resources in the long run. Isn’t that the better deal?

Call us for more information on our banners, flags, signages and other wide-format fabric printing services. Again, we deliver not only in Sydney, but to any location in Australia, including Melbourne, Perth, Adelaide, Gold Coast, Darwin, Brisbane and Canberra.

We look forward to serving your banners and signage needs.