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Model Number: SK-BS-CURVE

Width 850mm
Height 2000mm

Brandcusi Double-sided Curved Top Banner

  • 1 set of frame
  • 1 x double-sided fabric print
  • 1 carry bag
  • Optional: 2 x lights
  • Optional: A set of 2 frosted plexi glass shelves and 1 catalog holder. (packed in a soft molder bag)


Price Includes:

  • 1 x fabric double-sided banner stand
  • 1 x dye sublimation printed graphic
  • 1 x moulded soft bag with shoulder strap



  • 1 set plexiglass shelves
  • 1 set shelve arms
  • 1 x catalogue holder

Brandcusi Double-Sided Curved Top Banner

How you decorate the venue of your event plays a huge role to its success. Your decor should be appropriate to the occasion, classy and tasteful, and festive enough to raise the mood of your participants. And if your company is a corporate sponsor of the event, the decor you use has to be subtle yet effective advertising tools for your products and services. We have display solutions that will help you with this purpose.

Value for Your Money

Our brandcusi double-sided banner is sure to make the people attending your event stop and stare. This particular type of event banners is popular for their unique shape, especially with its dramatic curved top. Moreover, the fabric making up this banner has sharp, accurate details and rich, vivid colours. The secret behind the quality of our fabric displays is we use dye sublimation in printing their graphics. Dye sublimation is famous for producing printouts that are brilliantly hued and lifelike in detail. It makes use of high heat and pressure to force ink to “sublimate” or transform from its solid state to its gaseous state without passing through the liquid state. When ink is sublimated, it permeates the very fibres of the fabric to create breathtaking images. That’s not all. Fabric printouts produced using the dye sublimation printing process are permanent, highly resistant to fading and damage. So, you get to enjoy these event displays for a really long time. You can use them as frequently as you want and to as many, different events as you please without worrying about the graphics fading easily. They will truly give you value for your money.

Installs in 5 Minutes

This brandcusi banner may possess a unique shape, but it doesn’t mean it is difficult to assemble. In fact, you can get this banner display ready in less than five minutes. First, you need to put the frame together. That’s easy enough because the poles making up this frame are foldable, lock at the joints and are properly labelled so you’ll know which end goes with where. Afterwards, you pull up the fabric graphic over the frame and zip it up at the top, as you would a pillowcase. And it’s ready, just like that. If you’re going to use halogen lamps on this display, you can easily attach it to the top of the frame. You can also slip on plexiglass shelving and a catalogue holder on this display as well. Our brandcusi event banners are truly the most practical display solutions you’ll find in the market today. Call us right now so you can learn more details about these banners.

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Fabric print bulk discounts 980x260






Setup Instructions

brandcui poles1

Take the aluminum pipes out and assemble, they are all corded.

display holders2

If you have shelves make sure that you attach the support socket on the uni-pole.

trade displays3

Fit the uni-pole to the base by sliding it on.

stand up banner4

Now lift the fabric print to the top, tilting the stand towards you will make it easy.

business banner5

Stretch the fabric over the sides without putting lots of tension over the zipper.

brandcui assmebly6

Zip up the print on both sides only half way. Note: if it is the straight top model,make profile shorter before lifting the fabric, pull the frame out after you zip it half way.

pop up display lights7

Place the base of the light fitting in the hole in the middle of the profile.

trade stand design8

Fit lights on and run the electric cords inside the print, now pull zipper to the end.

brandcui shelves9

Slide shelve through the open slit in the print and fit it on the support socket.

point of sale stands10

Same for the catalog holder.

trade show stand11



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