Boost Your Audience Engagement with iPad Counters

Model Number: SK-PUC -IPAD


  iPad Counter
Width 600mm
Depth 400mm
Height 970mm


Package Includes:

iPad Counter:

  • 1 set of frame
  • 1 x fabric graphic
  • 1 x counter top
  • 1 x case


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iPad Counter

Did you know that the more you engage your targeted customers at your booth in any expo, conference or trade show, the more they are likely to buy your products in the end? That’s because deep audience engagement helps increase the audience’s desire for your products and services. At conferences, expos or trade shows, especially where you will host a product launch, you can make that possible by using multimedia tools such as the iPad. Take advantage of that and use our iPad counter stands.

Multimedia Is the Key to Audience Engagement

An iPad counter stand is an important display accessory you must have at your product launch. iPad counters allow your audience to access as much helpful information about your product as you are ready to give. Armed with enticingly presented information, your customers will be more intrigued about your product, more eager to see how it works, and more likely to purchase it. The iPad counter will be your conduit to these sales.

Sized 600mm/W x 400mm/D x 970mm/H, the iPad counter models we offer are both attractive and easy to assemble. Each counter consists of a frame and a fabric graphic (the iPad is not included). The frame is supported by aluminium poles for maximum durability. The fabric graphic, on the other hand, is printed in full colour using state-of-the-art digital fabric printing technology. You can expect the fabric graphic to have stunning details and brilliant hues.

It only takes less than ten minutes to assemble this particular counter model. First, you lock in the aluminium poles to the base of the frame, and then cap the frame with the countertop that is supposed to hold the iPad. Afterwards, you slip on the fabric graphic so it covers the entire frame. Then you lift the panel off the countertop, place your iPad in it, and then secure your iPad by replacing the panel. It’s that easy, and it only takes less than ten minutes to complete.

The best part about our iPad counters is you can use them again and again without any problems. You can put them at any venue you want. They are durable and they will last you a long time, thus saving you from buying new ones more frequently. In case you need a new fabric graphic, you only have to order a replacement and keep your existing frame. Moreover, the counter has its own carry case so you can easily cart it from place to place.

You will never go wrong with using our iPad counters. We deliver them to any place in Australia – Sydney, Melbourne, Gold Coast, Perth, Brisbane, Adelaide, Canberra, Darwin. Call us right now for more information about our exhibit solutions.

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Setup Instructions

brandstand display1

Remove the counter from the molded soft bag.

waveline poles2

Extend and lock the support poles.

poster stand3

Place the 3 poles with the holes facing up.

waveline i pad counter4

Place counter top onto poles. Tap down with hand to secure.

ipad desk5

Slide fabric graphic wrap onto the hardware. Align seam to the center of the back of the counter.

Retail Signs6

Angle and tuck gasket into channel in edge of counter top. Insert graphic gasket all the way around.

brandstand wavelines7

Angle and tuck gasket into channel in edge of counter top. Insert graphic gasket all the way around.

ipad counter cover8

The zipper on the back is used to access inside the unit.

waveline ipad counter sydney9

Life the cover out of the unit.

monitor stand10

Fit your ipad in position, note the home butoon and speaker direction.

ipad table11

Put the frame back to lock the unit.

waveline ipad counter12



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