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You need to use smart advertising tools if you are launching an outdoor marketing campaign for your products and services. Most of today’s public have already become numb to a lot of the stimuli they receive from outdoor ads. If you want to capture their attention within its short span, the tools you use must be both attractive and subtle, and at the same time practical. Our sail flags and banners are the ideal advertising tools that suit this purpose.

A Simple Yet Smart Design

These sail flags for sale we offer are simple yet smart and stylish in design. You can use them for both indoor and outdoor advertising. They are best utilised as storefront banners, promoting your products, services and discount sales. However, they are versatile enough that you can conveniently use them for sidewalk sign banners, open house invitations, corporate logo displays for sponsored events, booth decorations at expos and trade shows, and many more.

Each banner flag you purchase from us will give you more mileage in the long run, thus generating you savings you may not enjoy from other products. That’s because we have constructed our banner sign to be stable even against strong wind, as well as resistant to fading caused by exposure to the elements. All our sign banners consist of a fabric graphic and an aluminium support. The fabric graphic is a full-colour printout, accurately detailed, vividly hued and primed against fading and damage. The aluminium pole is strong yet lightweight. The whole set can be transported to different locations thanks to a convenient carry case.

flags banners

You can use these banners as often as you want with very little worry about fear or fading. You will never need to buy signage as frequently as you’re used to. And if you do need a new look for your banner ads, you can simply order new fabric graphics. You don’t have to dispose of the old aluminium frames. Just keep them and put the new graphic fabrics on them.

We have three available sizes for sail signages that you can choose from:

Option 1:

  • Fabric size: 630mm/W x 2000mm/H
  • Total height: 2500mm/H

Option 2:

  • Fabric size: 700mm/W x 3000mm/H
  • Total height: 3500mm/H

Option 3:

  • Fabric size: 800mm/W x 4000mm/H
  • Total height: 4700mm/H

You can also order single-sided or double-sided banners, depending on your needs. We suggest double-sided banners. Double-sided banners double the branding potential of your displays for a very minimal difference in cost from the single-sided ones.

Easy Setup and Installation

It only takes five minutes to set up and install these sail flags. As mentioned earlier, each flag is composed of a fabric graphic and an aluminium support. Each aluminium support is, in turn, made up of a base (cross bars for indoor installation and spikes for outdoor installation), connecting tubes, and a bungee cord.

To assemble the display, you first need to connect the two tubes making up the spine of the banner. These tubes lock together at the joints so the banner remains stable all the time. After locking the tubes, insert them into the seam of the fabric graphic. Then, fasten the bungee cord at the bottom end of the tubes. Afterwards, set the base by putting down the cross bars on the floor (if you’re using the display indoors) or by driving the spike into the ground (for outdoor installations). Then you insert the bottom end of the banner’s spine into the base. It’s that simple.

Our sail flags and banners are the most practical and most affordable outdoor advertising solution you can find in the market today. Call us right now so you can find out more about these products.


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