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Does your marketing campaign involve setting up signages outdoors and at commercial centres? If so, then you need stylish, attractive banners that are sure to capture your target audience’s attention and make them want to learn more about your products and services. Aside from that, your banners have to be practical and durable. We have feather banners that will suit these needs to a tee.

Stylish, Attractive and Practical Banners

We offer high-quality, professionally designed custom feather flags. These feather flags are perfect for both indoor and outdoor advertising. You can install them along sidewalks to make the public aware of your products and services. You can put them outside your store to announce sales and promotions. If you have a real estate open house, you can invite passersby to take a look inside the property you’re showing.

Each feather flag is made up of a fabric graphic and aluminium support for the banner. The fabric graphic is rendered in full colour and in vivid detail to make your images pop up. The fabric is also very durable and resistant to the elements. The aluminium support is strong yet lightweight. It comes with a cross base for indoor use and a spike for outdoor use.

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The strength and durability of the custom feather flags means you can use these as frequently as you want. You can transport it easily, thanks to a convenient carry bag. It is also a money-saving solution; if you need a new display for your banners, you don’t have to order an entirely new set. You can keep the aluminium support and simply place an order for new fabric graphics.

You can choose between three available sizes for feather banners:

Option 1:

  • Fabric size: 630mm/W x 2000mm/H
  • Total height: 2500mm/H

Option 2:

  • Fabric size: 700mm/W x 3000mm/H
  • Total height: 3500mm/H

Option 3:

  • Fabric size: 800mm/W x 4000mm/H
  • Total height: 4700mm/H

All these banners are also available single-sided or double-sided. The double-sided banners are highly recommended. These will maximise the power of your displays.


No-Brainer Installation

Is it difficult to set up these flags? No, not at all. It only takes less than ten minutes to put together and install these banners.

First, assemble the spine of the banner by locking the two tubes making it up at the joints. Then, slip the resulting rod into the seam of the banner and hook the bungee cord at its bottom end. Lastly, if you’re going to use the banner indoors, just stick the rod into its crossbar base and set it on the floor. For outdoor usage, however, drive a spike into the ground and slip the banner into the spike.

Enjoy quality and savings with our feather banners. Call us right now to learn more about these flags.

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